Thursday, April 18, 2024

Twitch rolls out Shared Ban Info

On Friday, Twitch announced that it is introducing a feature called Shared Ban Info to the streaming service in order to continue to help streamers better deal with people who evade bans to harass them. According to Twitch, this new feature is building on the machine learning-based Ban Evasion Detection Tool (previously known as Suspicious User Detection).

“Shared Ban Info builds on the Suspicious User Controls system and provides a simple way for you to share information about who you’ve banned in your channel with other streamers so you can collaborate to help keep serial harassers out of your communities,” Twitch wrote in a blog post explaining the feature.

“We’ve heard your feedback and know that many communities already rally together to share information about users who they have banned. This tool will help streamline those efforts. We want to help streamers and mods protect themselves and their communities while also helping to prevent harassers from attempting to harass other channels.”

Shared Ban Info will have the following features at launch:

  • Sharing with up to 30 channels
  • Sending requests – streamers will be able to send Ban Info Share requests with other channels via the Moderation settings in the Creator Dashboard. The channel you sent the request to will receive a notification so they can decide whether or not to accept. By sending and accepting one of these requests, both channels are agreeing to share their ban info with each other. Streamers will also be able to alter their settings to filter who they can receive requests from. Either side can end the sharing relationship by changing it in their settings.
  • Monitoring flagged users – In your moderation settings, you can decide how flagged users are treated by your channel, either moderated or restricted. Users that are moderated will still be able to post messages in chat, but will be flagged for you and your mods so you can keep an eye on them. Restricted users will have their messages to chat withheld so only you and your mods can see them. If you don’t alter your settings, flagged users will be set to restricted by default. You can also use these setting to change the status of flagged users between moderated and restricted, or back to trusted.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

Ty is a freelance games writer and esports expert.