Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Super Lesbian Animal RPG is now in alpha

On Wednesday, Bobby Schroeder, Beatrix Quinn, and Anthony W. Field announced that their game Super Lesbian Animal RPG has reached alpha; the entire story and major side quests are now available to play.

The developers elaborated on the alpha in a post on their Patreon creator page. Super Lesbian Animal RPG has been in development off and on for seven years. A demo has been available on itch.io since 2018, but now fans will be able to experience the full main story and primary side quests.

“After seven long years of on-and-off work, the entire story is there,” Schroeder wrote. “It exists outside of my head. Anthony and Bee have played the final act and the epilogue and seen the credits roll on the game we made together.”

“I feel a complex mix of emotions right now. It’s like I’ve been holding a breath for seven years of my life, and I’ve finally exhaled.”

Super Lesbian Animal RPG is about a group of, you guessed it, lesbian animals in a town called Greenridge. It follows Melody, her new girlfriend Alison, and their friends Claire – a trans witch – and the motherly knight Jodie. The demo that’s been available allows players to take Melody, Claire, and Alison through SLARPG‘s first dungeon (which was created by Claire), where you can search for secret areas and hidden treasure.

The alpha version of the game will be circulated among the development team’s friends and family for “secret playtesting” after some additional tweaks are taken care of. Currently, there’s no release date available for the exclusive Patreon beta, or the full version of the game for public release. That said, Schroeder confirmed that SLARPG will still be coming out sometime this year.

“There just isn’t enough game left for it to take longer than six months, period.”

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