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New Stardew Valley mod turns Clint into a sexy bear

Just when you think you couldn’t find any more mods to make your time in Stardew Valley as gay as possible, a new one turns up that transforms Clint into a hunky, sexy bear that’s more than eager to smack his anvil into your rocks. Or geodes, minerals… Whatever!

For those who don’t know Clint, let us do a quick introduction. He works in Pelican Town as the town’s one and only blacksmith, he is rarely seen away from his shop. Because of this, his reputation sees him branded as somewhat aloof and a bit of a loner.

However, it isn’t all surly glares from Mr Clint, oh no. Clint also has been revealed to have a bit of a crush on Emily, the bar staff that works part-time in the Stardroop Saloon for Gus. If this messes with your ‘Clint is gay’ headcanon like it does for us, just simply genderswap Emily with another mod. Easy peasy.

The Sexy Hairy Clint Stardew Valley mod from user bluestarkiller doesn’t look to change Clint in any way outside of his looks, meaning that the mysterious, shy blacksmith will still have the same personality he’s always had. Only this time he’ll be topless and have hair…everywhere

Of course, with the power of mods, you’re able to enhance Clint into being the perfect love interest for you if that’s what appeals to you. There are several mods just for him, such as the Clint Narrative Overhaul which gives him several unique phrases, dialogue choices, and more, as well as the Clint Marriage Mod.

To find out more about the Sexy Hairy Clint Mod, check out the mod over on Nexus.

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