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If Found creators reveal new game about cats

Dreamfeel, the creators behind the award-winning visual novel game If Found, has revealed their newest game will feature cats. And some very smart-looking ones at that!

During an Annapurna Interactive showcase highlighting the publisher’s various upcoming games and partnerships, viewers were introduced to a feature highlighting the team at Dreamfeel, what inspires them, and even a few images of their next game.

You can watch the feature below.

While the game’s name has not been revealed, the feature shares that it will be set in a “fantasy Ireland”, with all of the characters being cats. Dogs will also be around, though they are considered mythical creatures, and as such, will most likely not be playable. Sorry dog lovers!

If Found was not only our favourite indie game of 2020, but our game of the year too. It conveyed a heartfelt, and touching story following a trans woman protagonist and her group of queer friends as they try to find where they fit in the world. It also highlighted and explored Ireland and the culture surrounding the country, often taking the time to educate players on different word meanings and slang.

With how well-loved If Found is, Dreamfeel’s newest game already has high expectations. But according to the creators in the feature shared via the Annapurna showcase, this new game will be a lot more “polished” in comparison to If Found, all while still maintaining that whimsical creativity that Dreamfeel prides itself on.

As of now, a release date has not been confirmed for the next game. To find out more, keep your eyes peeled on Dreamfeel’s official website.

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