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BOSSGAME: The Final Boss is My Heart is a lesbian devil hunting game coming soon

On Friday, upcoming lesbian devil hunting game BOSSGAME: The Final Boss is My Heart, from Lilycore games went up on both Steam and for players to wishlist. It currently doesn’t have an official release date, but is expected for Android and PC sometime in Spring 2023.

BOSSGAME: The Final Boss is My Heart is an action boss-rush where you play as couple Sophie and Anna. The two live in Mammon City, where they fight devils in order to make rent, since devil hunting is the only real gainful employment around. Sophie is a highly anxious sword priestess, while Anna is a fire witch and “localized disaster.” They’re a very flirty couple, so it’s up to you to keep them on task so they can pay their bills. Mammon City is full of not only devils, but also bad bosses to confront, and “terrible” secrets, which you can work to discover while on your hunts.

The game uses colorful pixel art that has a light Undertale vibe to it and has a chiptune soundtrack by RoccoW. Players will engage in rhythmic boss fights using both Anna and Sophie. Those looking for an additional challenge will be able to turn on “Avarice” mode, which adds extra bosses to the game. On the other hand, there’s also a granular difficulty system so players can customize BOSSGAME: The Final Boss is My Heart as needed. There will even be leaderboards so you can compete with your friends for the best score, and an in-game wiki featuring secret boss information that could help you take them down.

During the downtime between battles, players will be able to check their phones and text friends and enemies alike. Plus, there’s that flirting we mentioned before. Fans can wishlist the game now, and should expect it to release sometime next year. In the meantime, gamers can enjoy titles like I was a Teenage Exocolonist, which is coming to Nintendo Switch soon.

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