Thursday, April 18, 2024

RockLove Jewelry releases Magic: The Gathering line

On Thursday, RockLove Jewelry announced its Magic: The Gathering-inspired line of jewelry, the Magic: The Gathering Black Lotus collection. The line consists of six pieces of jewelry inspired by the Black Lotus card. The collection was designed by RockLove’s designer and CEO Allison Cimino. With this line, we’re getting another iconic Magic collaboration.

“I am honored to collaborate with Magic: The Gathering on another collection, this time inspired by the most emblematic and renowned Black Lotus card,” Cimino said. “In homage to this exceedingly rare and valuable card, we are excited to debut our newest ‘Mini Card’ silhouette. A 2.7:1 miniature sculpted sterling card, limited edition of 1,000, each Black Lotus Mini Card Necklace is individually engraved with a unique series number.”

The Black Lotus card is part of Magic’s The Power of Nine, and is coveted for its ability to accelerate mana generation. It was part of the original print runs of Magic, and the art – which helped inspire this jewelry line – was created by Christopher Rush.

The collection from RockLove consists of three necklaces, two rings, and one pair of earrings. The Black Lotus mini card necklace, and Black Lotus medallion and signet ring are all limited-edition items. Meanwhile, the Black Lotus crystal necklace, earrings, and ring are all open-edition, meaning they don’t have a limited quantity available. Those who purchase the collection will also receive a non-playable art card for authenticity purposes. The card has a certification from Wizards that the jewelry is an official Magic: the Gathering collaboration, any serial numbers, and features art of the Black Lotus on the other side. It also comes in a special dice box. These pieces retail globally for between $150-$250 via

The pricing for individual items from the collection is as follows:

  • Magic: The Gathering X RockLove Black Lotus Mini Card Necklace (Limited Edition of 1,000) – $250
  • Black Lotus Medallion (Limited Edition of 500) – $250
  • Black Lotus Signet Ring (Limited Edition of 500) – $200
  • Black Lotus Crystal Necklace – $175
  • Black Lotus Crystal Earrings – $150
  • Black Lotus Crystal Ring – $120

Ty Galiz-Rowe

Ty is a freelance games writer and esports expert.