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Harley Quinn Season 3 premieres July 28

On Tuesday, HBO Max announced that Season 3 of the animated Harley Quinn series will premiere on the service July 28. The show was formerly on the DC Universe streaming platform, but moved to HBO Max after DC Universe pivoted to a comics-only model.

Season 2 of Harley Quinn saw the doctor-turned-villain’s relationship with everyone’s favorite eco-terrorist, Poison Ivy (voiced by Lake Bell), take a new direction. Poison Ivy is left at the altar by Kite Man (voiced by Matt Oberg) after he realizes that his fiancé is more in love with Harley Quinn (voiced by The Flight Attendant’s Kaley Cuoco) than she is with him. The pair make the leap from gal pals to true romance and run away together into the sunset. Unfortunately, they’re being pursued by Commissioner Gordon (voiced by Christopher Meloni), who’s dealing with his own issues thanks to the events of this season.

The Season 3 announcement was accompanied by a new teaser trailer that shows where the fledgling couple is now. Harley and Ivy are celebrating their “two-week anniversary,” according to Harley (who has a body bag in tow). The pair appear to be in some kind of remote, tropical paradise. Harley reveals that her strange cargo is actually a kidnapped Amanda Waller (head of the Suicide Squad), who she has captured as a gift for Poison Ivy.

From there, it gets a bit hazy about what will happen next, but the trailer promises plenty of DC cameos from both heroes and villains, along with all the raunchy, silly action fans of the show have come to expect. It does look like series staples King Shark and Clayface will be back in a significant capacity, along with Harley’s ex from hell, the Joker. Fans can tune in on July 28 to start the new season and find out what’s next for the femme fatales.

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