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Dead by Daylight dating sim Hooked on You introduces Killers, spin the bottle, and more

Hooked on You, a Dead by Daylight dating sim, has now been listed on Steam.

With it comes brand new information about the mysterious, deadly Killers that inhabit the island you’ll be exploring while looking for the new murderous love of your life, or your bestie, if a romance with someone who kills for a living doesn’t wet your whistle.

The Killers who you’ll be romancing on this bloody, murderous island were already revealed during Dead by Daylight’s 6th-anniversary stream, but for those who don’t remember, the full roster of cuties who are just dying to meat you are: The Trapper, The Huntress, The Wraith, and The Spirit.

The Trapper is described as less than a man, rather than a chiselled man-mountain who enjoys murdering his way through a variety of locations – whether that be caves, beaches, or pools! He’ll even turn his murderous gaze on you if you say the wrong (or right?) thing, but apparently if you find the right trapdoor to his heart, he’ll quickly show you where his loyalties lie.

Next is The Huntress, a particular favourite of ours since we first got into Dead by Daylight. Unlike The Trapper, The Huntress is quite normal! She just wants love, a family and someone to help her butcher men in the forest. Oh. Uh. Scratch that last part? Or accept her for who she is and the monstrosities she commits because you find them funny and love her? Whatever sharpens your hook, mate.

If you find yourself looking for something more sinewy to chew on, then there’s also The Wraith – a quiet, inquisitive and sensitive man that wants to do nothing but ring your bell. Or his bell. Whichever fits his mood at the time.

And last but not least is The Spirit, someone who would probably slash you to pieces if you called her your goth girlfriend. On Slaughter Island you can find her hanging out in the shade with some classic horror novels and most certainly not splashing about in the ocean, or getting dirty in the sand. In fact, if you think she’ll compete at all for your heart then forget it, she could easily cut it out with her katana if she really wanted it.

Thanks to the Steam page of Hooked on You, we also know what sort of activities we can expect to find during our time with the Killers. After all, murderers they may be, but they need something else to do apart from prey on unsuspecting victims, right?

Dead by Daylight Hooked on You
Spin the bottle and kiss the Killer of your nightmares!

One activity that is seemingly featured in-game is Spin the Bottle, a party game that differs depending on your location, but is mostly used to help set people up for kissing one another. So, does that mean it’s possible the Killers could kiss one another… as well as you? Oh dear. Oh wow.

It also looks like players will be seeing some more familiar faces, with Steam images showing two of the original four Survivors, Dwight Fairfield and Claudette Morel. What impact these Survivors – and Survivors in general – will have on the game remains to be seen. Let’s hope they aren’t planning to throw a pallet on our beloved’s face though, that might be a bit awkward…

Players of the original asymmetrical horror game that Hooked on You is based on, Dead by Daylight, will seemingly earn a charm and a new outfit for Survivor Jake Park on purchase of this dating sim.

Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim is available to wishlist now on Steam, PC.

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