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A Stardew Valley mod brings gay culture to Pelican Town

Mods are what makes our gaming world go round, and this Stardew Valley mod that brings gay culture to Pelican Town isn’t anything to turn your nose up at. In fact, we think that we’ve just found our new favourite mod that will not only spice gameplay but add something unique for queer fans.

The mod in question is called Emyn’s Queer Dialogue Expansion, created by Nexus user Emyn to add more queer-friendly dialogue into the valley that we all know and love. Not just a few strands of dialogue either, but over 170+ for a range of different characters. If you want to, this mod helps you finetune it so that every character you meet in Stardew Valley is open about being gay, bisexual, etc.

Not only does it add new dialogue, but it also amends some old dialogue that wasn’t quite as inclusive in the vanilla version of ConcernedApe’s farming sim. For example, George won’t be actively homophobic towards you if you decide to marry his grandson Alex and you are playing a male farmer. Instead, he’ll be more friendly, and even talk about being a bisexual man and running around messing with cops.

Gay culture is wide and varied, so the modder has tried to implement a little bit of everything that if won’t directly appeal to you, will appeal to someone else in the LGBTQ+ community.

“It adds some non-identity specific dialogue, such as characters referencing Pride and watching queer movies.” The mod’s summary explains. “Some references are obscurer than others. Demetrius specifically references queer scientists, while Elliott quotes queer poets. Alex references queer sports people in fall. Dialogue about Harvey’s clinic references trans healthcare.”

Players also have the opportunity to use config files to add certain states to the characters of Pelican Town. For example, you can make it so that Sam is trans, or if that doesn’t fit with your headcanon, you can remove it. The same for instances like making Abigail pansexual, as well as the game hinting that Gus has a male lover during the Summer month.

The only characters who don’t have new queer-friendly dialogue are Krobus, Dwarf and the Ginger Island characters. Everyone else? Fair game.

You can check out Emyn’s Queer Dialogue Expansion for yourself over on Nexus Mods.

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