Thursday, May 30, 2024

Beekeeping sim APICO is out now

The “semi-educational” beekeeping simulator from publisher Whitethorn Games and developer TNgineers, APICO is now available for download on PC. The launch coincides with World Bee Day, and TNigneers will be donating a portion of the proceeds from APICO’s sales towards national and international bee, beekeeping, and wild bee conservation charities.

“There was no better time to release APICO than on World Bee Day,” said Dr. Matthew White, CEO of Whitethorn Games in a press release. “We hope that everyone who plays the game will take its message about bee conservation to heart, and help bring more awareness to this important issue.”

APICO is a chill simulation game where the player takes care of bees using “real-life apiculture (the technical term for beekeeping) and floriculture (the cultivation of flowers) methods in its gameplay in order to teach players about the importance of beekeeping to the ecosystem.” Players leave their boring corporate job to return to their family home in Port APICO and the family business of beekeeping. APICO includes resource gathering, bee breeding, beekeeping minigames, and more, all with the focus of highlighting how important bees and their conservation are to the environment.

Developers Ell and Jamie from TNgineers are encouraging players to support conservation efforts for bees in any way they can, from donating to bee-related causes, to purchasing products made using sustainable agricultural practices.

“Our thanks goes out to Whitethorn Games and all the players who tried the demo and wishlisted the game for supporting our efforts,” said Ell, co-founder of TNgineers in a press release. “APICO is finally out, and we hope that its message spreads far and wide.”

APICO is live now on Steam,, GameJolt, the Epic Games Store, and the Humble Store. The game will also launch on consoles sometime in the near future.

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