Saturday, April 13, 2024

Bi Queen Mad Moxxi gets her very own Ballatine’s whisky

Outside of being a general queen, Mad Moxxi has now got a new role thanks to her new partnership with Ballatine’s whisky: Chief Galactic Expansion Officer. In this new role, the bartender will help launch a Scotch that’s said to be so tasty, that it’s assumingly supposed to be some nectar. Of the gods perhaps? … Grease oil?

Mad Moxxi’s role as CGEO isn’t just about expanding Ballantine’s whisky intergalactic footprint into Pandora, the universe and the great, gaping beyond, though. The partnership will also look to bring together Vault Hunters (existing and new) from Borderlands 3 together for a brand new series of missions, all while launching some of her very own, limited edition, loot.

Said loot is her very own Ballantine whisky: the Ballantine’s x Moxxi’s Bar Edition. A whisky that the infamous Underdome hostess says “like the best things in life, it goes down smooth.”

The partnership will have Mad Moxxi appearing in several different venues, with her own whisky first appearing on Pandora and then Earth. Though, just like in her own bar over at Sanctuary, it is first come first serve, which means you’re going to have to be quick on the draw! If you do manage to get a bottle for yourself, you’ll be rewarded with exclusive Borderlands 3 content.

Mad Moxxi whiskey
You can make several different cocktails with this fine drink

Alongside having one gorgeous looking bottle of Scotch whisky, there are several different cocktail ideas that can be used with this Mad Moxxi drink. There’s Apocalypse Spritz, Moxxi’s Mule, Bloodshot Eye, and Sandbox Sip. Plenty of different drinks to try, and none are so hard to do that you’ll have to do a big shop to make them – means a lot more time to game!

As it turns out, this won’t be the last Borderlands x Ballantine crossover either. In fact, Mad Moxxi’s partnership with the brand is only the very first step, with more to be announced during 2022.

Of course, drinking is fun and all, but Mad Moxxi is looking to make sure that you do so responsibly and even has her own cameo-filled message spreading awareness on how to drink without overdoing it. You can check that out below.

To stay up to date with Mad Moxxi’s activities, as well as keep an eye out on how you can get your hands on a bottle, try connecting with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Aimee Hart

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