Thursday, December 7, 2023

Ghostwire: Tokyo Meika Guide – How to get Meika fast

Every game needs an in-game currency, and the meika that’s used in Ghostwire: Tokyo is no exception to that.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a paranormal action-adventure game that follows protagonist Akito and his tag-along friend K.K. as they fight against supernatural cults and entities. Along the way, the two find themselves in need of a way to get things like talismans, arrows, and food. The downside of that though is there are no shopkeepers around…that is, until they discover nekomata’s, supernatural cats that are more than happy to help out. All they ask for is meika.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Meika Guide – What is Meika?

Meika is Ghostwire: Tokyo’s currency, and is used to purchase items from the shopkeeper cats that are scattered around the map. Meika is shaped like coins, and are given a blue, ethereal outline to signify their importance.

Players will be introduced to meika fairly early in-game, around about the end of Chapter 1 and the start of Chapter 2. At first, it may not seem all that important to even get meika in the beginning, but later on you’ll need meika to not only get items to help you fight against Visitors, but to find collectibles, stock up on Katashiro, and complete important requests.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Meika Guide – How to get Meika fast
Feeding Dogs

There are a few different ways to get Meika, but the easiest is through the most beloved feature of Ghostwire: Tokyo – the lovely canines that you’ll meet along the way. Yes, I’m indeed talking about the dogs!

Throughout your adventure in the big city, Akito will often hear the beautiful barking noise of dogs looking for attention. Once you read their thoughts, you also get the option to feed them – dog food can be purchased at stores, by the way. Feeding them will make these loveable pups happy, which is a reward in itself, but it will also give them the initiative to lead you to new items and meika.

Meika from dogs will range from around 300 to 1000. The most we received during a playthrough was around about 1020. It isn’t entirely reliable if you’re looking to get meika fast, but if you spot a dog and have food, what’s the harm in trying to get some money off these loveable pooches?

Completing requests / side-quests

This might seem like a fairly obvious one, but with each side-quest completed you get a handful of meika and more EXP to level up – talk about double trouble!

In all seriousness, the more you do around the city of Tokyo, the more you’ll make Akito a free-wheeling, kick-ass, spirit defeating machine. With the addition of more meika, it’s generally encouraged the players go out of their way to complete quests in order to have more fun.

Outside of side-quests, there are also requests – mini fetch quests that come from the nekomata shopkeepers. Unlike the days of old where you had to stumble around, mercilessly trying to find things and not having even a small clue on what was going on, these requests are pointed out to players – so don’t worry about them getting lost.

Completing these requests often give you a handful of meika, ranging from 1,000 to 5,000.

ghostwire: tokyo meika
Finding Yellow Ether Crystals

You’re introduced to Ether Crystals early on in Ghostwire: Tokyo, where it’s explained that Ether Crystals all have different properties depending on their colour. Inky, black colours will replenish the elemental power you need for weaving, red will explode on contact, and yellow will grant players with a lot of meika.

Ink Ether Crystals will take on the shape of many things, ranging from cars to bicycles, but the yellow Ether Crystals all have very distinct shapes – either intricate pots, or the shape of a good luck cat, also known as a maneki-neko. When breaking the pots you’ll get a fair amount of meika, often making it worthwhile to hunt for them while out on a mission.

Even so, it’s the maneki-neko you should care about the most, as breaking that will often grant you meika ranging from 5,000 to 7,000. It makes sense why these wily cats statues are so hard to find!