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Donate $10 to help Ukraine and gain 500+ games

Necrosoft Games, the developer behind games like Hyper Gunsport and Gunhouse, have spearheaded the ‘Bundle for Ukraine’ bundle hosted on The bundle is made up of over 500+ games, as well as comics, books, tabletop RPGs, and more – all you need to do is donate $10 to help Ukraine.

Over 700 creators from around the world have joined together in order to support the bundle, as well as donate their work. According to the sales post, each donation from this bundle will be split between two charities. These charities are:

  • International Medical Corps provides medical assistance in the region. They have very low fundraising overhead (1% of income), with 89% of donations going to medical aid and 10% to administration. 
  • Voices of Children, a Ukrainian organization that helps children cope with the horrors of war, PTSD, readjusting to school, and getting back to being kids. They have also been doing a lot of grassroots impromptu work during the war, such as helping set up shelters.

The bundle consists of nearly 1000 products, with nearly 600 products being video games alone. There are several hugely successful games involved in this bundle too, such as CrossCode, SkateBIRD, Backbone, Superhot, A Short Hike, Baba is You, and the delightfully queer 2064: Read Only Memories.

“The people of Ukraine are under attack. As game developers we want to create new worlds, not to destroy the one we have.” The sales post reads. “That’s why we’ve banded together to present this charity bundle to help Ukrainians survive this ordeal and thrive after the war ends. This cause has resonated with creators around the globe, to the extent that our bundle contains almost 1,000 games, tabletop RPGs, books, etc.”

$10 is all it takes to donate to the Ukraine bundle, however, it is highly encouraged that you donate more as all the proceeds will be split 50/50!

You can donate and purchase the Bundle for Ukraine bundle for yourself over at

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