Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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Scarlet Hollow Episode 3 release date set for March

Scarlet Hollow, the award-winning narrative-focused horror game is set to release Episode 3 in early March.

Developed by Black Tabby Games – a full-time team featuring Ignatz-award winning graphic novelist Abby Howard and her spouse, Tony Howard-Arias, Scarlet Hollow is hand-drawn by Howard and programmed and designed by Howard-Arias. They also co-write the story and script. The couple is joined by composer Brandon Boone, sound designer Phil Michalski, and animator Lucia Retamales.

The horror game follows a customisable protagonist on their return to their family’s original hometown, all in order to attend a funeral of an aunt they’ve never met. They also meet their cousin Tabitha, as much of a social pariah as you are a stranger to the denizens of Scarlet Hollow. Almost immediately the town begins to show its true colors, and the player becomes ensnared in a mystery that is seemingly linked to their family.

The previous two episodes have earned a bucketload of positive reviews, and it’s not hard to see why. We previously reviewed the game ourselves and found that the unsettling atmosphere, intriguing characters, and queer themes were an intoxicating cocktail that we’d drink again, again, and uh, again!

Much like previous episodes, Episode 3 of Scarlet Hollow will be a significant expansion, boasting nearly 150,000 words of brand new content. A single playthrough will likely take players 2-5 hours, and exploring all of the episode’s new content will likely take at least twice that amount of time.

For new players who are thinking of jumping in, but want to know more about that they can expect when it comes to queerness in the game, check out our interview with Abby Howard and Tony Howard-Arias on the romance aspect of Scarlet Hollow, as well as how queerness and tradition plays a huge part in the horror game.

The first two episodes of Scarlet Hollow are available to play on Steam and itch.io. Scarlet Hollow Episode 3 will be available to purchase and play on March 7th.

Aimee Hart

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