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Maglam Lord Romance Options Guide

Ever wanted to be a Demon Lord that by day beats all the bad guys, and by night goes on a lot of dates with their companions in order to reproduce and move away from being an endangered species? If that sounds oddly specific then welcome, you’ve finally found the answer to all your questions in our Maglam Lord romance options guide.

Maglam Lord is a JRPG that combines 2D visual novel storytelling, beat-em-up combat with a simple crafting system, and a dating sim all wrapped up into one pleasantly quirky mess. It works for the most part too.

But we’re not here to judge the game, that’s what our review is for, but tell you just how romance works, how you can improve your chances with the people you meet along the way and hey, a quick explainer on who can you romance in the first place.

Sounds good? Let’s get right into it.

All of the Maglam Lord romance options

Maglam Lord Romance options

An endangered girl from a lost lineage of Heroes, Charme has adopted the moniker of the Smiling Hero. She is also the sister to Darius, her surly, younger sibling.

Charme is a fully awakened Hero who defeated an Infernolord and took a vast amount of their power and magic. However, living in a peaceful world means that like the player character, Charme’s power is not as incredible as it used to be. Still, she tries her best.

She’s very thoughtful and kind, going out of her way to help anyone in need even at the cost of her own expense. Her main flaw is said to be that she’s just a little too protective of her younger brother. Why is that? Well, you’ll have to play Maglam Lord to find out…


Like his sister, Charme, Darius is from a lost lineage of Heroes – making them both endangered in this peaceful world they live in.

Darius is a grumpy, young man who isn’t afraid to voice his displeasure if those around him does something he doesn’t like. He isn’t all that pleased to be sent to work alongside the Demon Lord, but does so in order to prove himself worthy enough to become an awakened Hero like his sister.

Still, there are positive sides to Darius. He is a hard worker and an expert fighter, and while he can be defensive he often admits when he is wrong. Oh, did we mention he can cook and clean? PERFECT husband material.


Julette is a beastgirl demi-human who was part of the domain of the Huntgod. One day she was out on a hunt and returned to find her entire clan was gone. This changed her world and she was marked by the Administration as an endangered species, alongside Heroes and Demons.

Despite being left behind, Julette took this opportunity to create a career for herself as an idol, starting her own show – Julette’s Vivid Voyage! It quickly became a hit among the citizens, but after an accident that put her and her crew in jeopardy, her show was cancelled by the Administration. This left her no choice but to join the Demon Lord as a companion.

She has a lot of fun survival trivia that she lets the others and the Demon Lord know about, and still often acts as an idol, despite no longer being one. Still, she says her past career was a stepping stone to her real goal. What that goal is remains a mystery.


A unique weapon designed through Ars Machina technology to annihilate Supernatural beings like Gods and Demons. His structure is humanoid to affix different weapons and modules to it with ease, and it has a ‘masculine’ voice in order to fit in alongside the non-lethal humanoids of the world.

M.O.A.V was woken up by the Demon Lord and their companions, leading him to see the Demon Lord as his master – despite M.O.A.V being powerful enough to take on the entire world and destroy it if he so desired. Instead, M.O.A.V wishes nothing but to prove himself worthy to his master and his fellow companions.

Despite being a weapon, M.O.A.V acts as the Demon Lord’s personal valet, often helping them. More than that, he is also a curious and kind soul who wants to find out more about the world.

Maglam Lord romance options
Saint Ackalo

A mysterious individual known as The Saint to the citizens living under the rule of the Administration. Nobody knows who he truly is, with most talk about him being a combination of heresy, wild rumours, and engrossing speculation.

It is said that Acklao is able to grant wishes to anyone who asks him – which has led to him being quite the pain in the ass for the pencil-pushers in the Administration. Many people want to know more about him, but is he willing to tell? That remains to be seen.

Overseer Mamie

Overseer Mamie is part of the Administration – the organization that looks out for the citizens of this peaceful world and takes care of endangered species, which you and your companions are. She is a hard worker, and doesn’t like to mix business with pleasure, so you just know for a fact that if you’re looking to impress her you’ll need to pull out all the stops!

Unlike the rest of the characters mentioned here, Oversee Mamie is not a companion. This makes getting to know her a little trickier, but for seasoned players who aren’t afraid to stick around to try and find out more about this uptight Overseer, you’ll find out that there’s a lot to love.

Maglam Lord romance options guide: how to go on dates

Players will be first introduced to the idea of going on dates sometime in the first Chapter. This is where they’ll meet the Love Guru, a man who believes that the only way to help put a broken soul back together is through the power of finding the love of your life. Despite this brief introduction however, players won’t get to go on dates until later on in Chapter 3.

It’s here that the players are told by Overseer Mamie about the importance of reproduction so that they are no longer considered an endangered species by the Administration. It’s at this point that certain dialogue options will appear with small icons of certain characters with a love heart above their head. Picking this option will help increase the relationship between the Demon Lord and their companions.

After being introduced to the art of romance – and the ‘skill’ of reproduction – players will see that a new menu item has been added: The Dating Dojo. It’s here that players will get to see how their relationship with other characters is evolving over time, marked by a number of hearts, as well as a small comment from the Love Guru that’ll give you a hint on what the character thinks about you.

Once you receive a certain number of hearts, you’ll see that the character is available for you to go on a date with. The first date you go on you will not be able to pick a place, as the Love Guru teleports you and your chosen date to a location without asking you. What you should know is that each first date will be different, depending on who you’ve chosen to go with. For example, Charme’s first date will be bowling whereas Darius’ will be a hot spring.

After your first date, you’ll still be able to go on dates but they will be voiceless and will only have a small, minimal effect on your relationship. Nevertheless, you still need to pick the right location for your date, otherwise, they won’t be pleased with your choice and this will harm your relationship – so pay attention to your date and what they like!

Maglam Lord romance options

Maglam Lord romance options guide: how to improve your relationship

In order for you to go on dates, you’ll need to improve your relationship with your companions. There are a few ways you can go about this.

  • Making them your partner on quests – As you unlock new companions, you can make them your partner for when you go out on quests. With you fighting together, your relationship meter also increases.
  • Gifting your companions food – They say that the way to love is through the stomach, and this seems to be the truth for your companions too. Each companion will have a unique food that not only heals them in battle, but raises your relationship with them too. You’re able to purchase these food at the shop, as well as find them during battle.
  • Picking dialogue options they like – If you’re trying to get on the good side of a certain companion, the last thing you want to do is go against their wishes or pick an option you know they aren’t going to like. Thankfully Maglam Lord helps you out with this by letting you know which dialogue option your companions will like.

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