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Dead by Daylight gets first licensed tome chapter with SAW

The Entity has let gamers peer into the Realm once more, with a brand new Dead by Daylight tome focusing on the troubled apprentice and determined detective from the SAW series.

We, of course, are talking about Amanda Young (The Pig) and Detective Tapp, two characters that have had a significant impact on the series ever since it first sprung to life back in 2004. The two were added to the asymmetrical horror game in the SAW chapter back in 2018, and now are making Dead by Daylight history by becoming the first two licensed characters to receive their own tome.

To mark this momentous occasion, the role of Jigsaw – voice only, Jigsaw himself is not joining Dead by Daylight – from Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures’ SAW franchise appears in the reveal trailer of the new SAW tome. You’re able to watch this trailer for yourself, below.

This new tome will add the memories of Amanda Young and Detective Tapp as the Rift opens, allowing new and old fans of the two characters to find out more about them. This is the first time since Saw 3 that The Pig has received additional lore.

“Over and above our primary objective of providing our fans with fun and continuously renewed content, one of our goals when integrating a powerful movie franchise such as SAW is to invite a larger community into the Dead by Daylight universe,” explains Mathieu Côté, Game Director, Dead by Daylight. “With Tome 10 of the Archives, we have the chance to speak to a completely new audience through the voice of Jigsaw in our Reveal Trailer, and we’re truly grateful to our partner Lionsgate for offering us this opportunity.”

“It has been a joy to continue our collaboration with Behaviour on the first branded IP release of SAW in Tome 10,” said Jenefer Brown, EVP of Global Live, Interactive & Location-Based Entertainment at Lionsgate. “The SAW legacy continues, and we are excited for fans and players to explore the rich new narratives that we’ve extended, featuring our iconic characters. As you play, remember Jigsaw’s words – make your choice (carefully).”

Alongside the new lore, players will also get to unlock the Book of SAW Collection, offering new outfits for the two fan-favourite characters. The Pig will be donning a twisted reverse bear trap crown, as well as the robes of her old master Jigsaw. To finish off this ghastly look, she’ll don a blade that’s eager to rip into any Survivors she comes across.

As for Detective Tapp, he’ll be sporting a casual hat and shades with a BBQ pork-attired outfit that’ll cause Piggy fans to see red. Oink, oink!

Dead by Daylight players will gain access to the SAW tome on January 26 for all platforms.

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