Thursday, December 7, 2023

Dead by Daylight – The Bone Chill event guide

It’s been over a year since Dead by Daylight featured a proper in-game event that shook up how the asymmetrical horror game is played, but now the team at Behaviour Interactive has unveiled the Bone Chill event.

The Bone Chill event is a new winter event for Dead by Daylight that offers a new way for you to play and earn rewards. These rewards include ugly Christmas Sweaters for original Survivors, frosty-eyes for Killers, and charms for both Survivors and Killers.

However, if you’re like us and aren’t too sure how to go about earning these rewards or what your role as Killer or Survivor means throughout this event, then don’t worry we’ve got it all worked out.

Dead by Daylight – The Bone Chill Event as a Survivor

As a Survivor, earning cosmetics in events has always been a little tricky. But this time around, earning cosmetics isn’t as hard.

The way to earn cosmetics is tied to the grisly-looking, blood-coated snowmen that you can find throughout the trial. As a Survivor, you can go up to these snowmen and jump right in, effectively protecting yourself from a hit from a Killer at the cost of you being unable to interact with anything and moving 15% slower.

When you’re in a snowman (yeah, sounds weird to say that aloud doesn’t it?), you must be hit by the Killer in order to obtain the white, glittery sparkles that surround your body. With these sparkles around you, the game recognizes that you’ve earned a cosmetic and will – regardless if you escape the Trial or not – reward you with a cosmetic or a charm.

To sum it up, here are the two ways to earn rewards as a Survivor.

  • Escape the Trial as a Snowman
  • Get hit by a Killer while in a Snowman – it doesn’t matter whether you escape or not, though you earn extra points if you do.

Dead by Daylight – The Bone Chill Event as a Killer

As a Killer, the way for you to earn cosmetics and other rewards in this event is also tied to the snowmen that you’ll see around the trial. However, you won’t be jumping in them to scare and give a cheeky slap to Survivors passing by – as funny as that would be.

Yes, unlike Survivors, Killers’ interactions with the bloody snowmen are connected to hitting them and revealing Survivors hiding away inside the object’s cold, wet snowflakes.

However, it isn’t as simple as hitting a Snowman and being on your way. To earn rewards, Killers must hit a Snowman with a Survivor inside, otherwise you do not earn a reward.

To sum it up, here is the only way to earn rewards in this event as a Killer.

  • Hit a Survivor while they are hiding in a Snowman – it doesn’t matter if they escape or not.