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X-Men’s Mystique reunites with her wife Destiny in new comic issue

Since the Dawn of X era, a 2019 initiative that intended to redefine X-Men “as a brand and its place in the Marvel Universe” queer fans have been invested in the relationship between Mystique and her wife Irene Adler, also known as Destiny.

The first mention of marriage between Mystique and Destiny is revealed in issue 6 of X-Men, where the shapeshifter screams at Cyclops that she wants her wife back. It’s during this storyline that we find out that the people of Krakoa, an island where mutants are offered asylum, believe their plans will be all for naught if Destiny is resurrected. Why? Well, Destiny is a known adversary of the X-Men and is very keen to torch one of the Krakoa leaders to death… Even so, that matters little to Mystique.

Unfortunately, Professor Xavier and Moira MacTaggert (who is the target of Destiny’s ire) did not intend to help Mystique bring her wife back in the first place, which seems a little cold and deceptive coming from the so-called ‘heroes’.

However, that turns out not to matter in the end, as it’s revealed in Inferno #2 that Mystique has already found a way to bring Destiny back. Even better, she goes out of her way to effectively gatecrash a Krakoa meeting to put her wife on the council. Take that MacTaggert.

The relationship between these two women has often been implied to be more than friends, and it was the original idea from writer Chris Claremont to have Mystique’s relationship with Destiny be romantic. However, both Marvel policy at the time (1981) and the Comic’s Code Authority made it so that anything not depicting the status quo of comics being heteronormative and cis would simply not be allowed to be published.

Thank god that’s over with. Now we can enjoy our powerful mutant couple in peace.

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