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Russia considering restricting gay love scenes – ‘as with pornography’

According to a Russian lawmaker, Russia’s parliament will be considering putting a restriction on films and TV shows with same-sex love scenes, making them only able to be viewed by those with “special access…as with pornography.”

What this means is that if this law is approved by parliament, gay love scenes, which doesn’t necessarily mean sex, will not be viewable without having to jump through hoops to get it.

The news comes from RT, who also reports that Vitaly Milonov – a member of Russia’s parliament – stated that legislation to push these restrictions through is being drafted now and will be “scrutinized in the State Duma”. Milonov also stated that there is a public demand for no homosexual scenes to be depicted at all, though considering Milonov is well known for offensive remarks about the LGBTQ+ community – such as wanting the gay population to be ‘sterilized’ – we advise taking this statement as the truth with a pinch of salt.

According to a survey from the Russian Public Opinion Research Center that that was released earlier this week, 80% of respondents believe that it is “unacceptable to show homosexual relations in films and TV shows with age 18+ restrictions”. However, it wasn’t all good news, as 57% of the Russians surveyed also said that the “screening of scenes showing what they consider to be ‘sexual deviance'” should be banned completely.

In 2013 Russia passed a law that has become known as the ‘gay propaganda law’, which enforced restrictions on content that was deemed to endorse a message of ‘non-traditional sexual values among minors.’ In simpler terms, a law that directly attacks LGBTQ+ rights – in our humble opinion.

An opinion that President Vladimir Putin did not share. At the time, Putin had insisted that the law had “nothing to do with persecuting individuals for their sexual orientation.”

This isn’t the first time that countries have made it apparent they are thinking of restricting or outright banning LGBTQ+ entertainment and media. In early October this year, it was revealed that China was thinking of banning games that featured ‘effeminate men’ and same-sex relationships.

Ultimately, restrictions like this will do nothing but bring harm to the LGBTQ+ community – something which already is rampant in countries like Russia and China, in spite of gay groups and protestors who risk their lives to fight against racism and homophobia.

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2 thoughts on “Russia considering restricting gay love scenes – ‘as with pornography’

  • Oh, it not only about gay love scenes. They want to change “gay propaganda law” an remove from there “among minors”, so earlier any media that have same gender relationships were with age rating 18 years or more. New change forbid to release them at all.

    • Like for example recent marvel movie was released in Russia as 18+ rating, but if changes will pass, we won’t get anything at all.

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