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10 more trans indie games you need to play

One of the most common myths is that there aren’t trans games out there. While that may be somewhat true for big, triple-A games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect, it’s far from being the truth for the rest of the gaming world. The only problem is that you need to know where to look…

We recently covered 10 trans indie games that you could play for Trans Visibility Day, but as we all know, there are far more games out there that 1) has trans protagonists or 2) important trans characters than just a measly number of 10. So, why not make it 20?

Yessiree, it’s time to celebrate with 10 other trans games. These will range from small 10 minute games to games with hours of content. Regardless, you’re going to have some incredible games to play and recommend to your friends and family.

And remember, it’s always important to support trans creators so if you like the look of these games, be sure to let the developers know.

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Source: Transcenders Media
Knife Sisters

Knife Sisters from developers Transcenders Media is a visual novel where non-binary trans protagonist Leo explores BDSM, sexual intimacy, and more after waking up from a night out to realize something has gone terribly wrong. To find out what, players will need to go back in time.

As Kotaku describes it, Knife Sisters could have easily just been another exciting, kinky game that raised the heat, but this game is more than that. It has rituals, a mystery, and the exploration of intimacy that few games take the time to convey and understand.

You can play Knife Sisters on Steam

Source: Pillow Fight
We Know the Devil

It’s Summer! This means it’s the perfect time for protagonists Neptune, Juno and Venus to settle down at camp, singing songs about Jesus, doing busywork for the adults watching them, and trying not to kill one another out of boredom in the meantime.

But more importantly… They need to spend one night in the loneliest, most haunted-looking cabin and wait for the Devil to come. Only two will survive, but it’s entirely up to you who those two will be. Sounds terrifying and like it’d destroy us emotionally, so we’re all for it!

You can play We Know the Devil on Steam

Source: RAULT
Trans Coming Out Simulator 2018

Based off the influential game ‘Coming Out Simulator’ from Nicky Case, developer Rault has created their own version of the game focusing on coming out as trans to friends and family.

Players take on the role of Yooseong, a transwoman who deals with hate speech and being misgendered throughout their work, as well as their coming out to their mother at the behest of a friend. It deals with difficult topics, and much like the original from Case, is a personal, yet cathartic game into some extremely emotional moments.

You can play Trans Coming Out Simulator 2018 on

trans games
Source: Mismatched Games

Breaking up with someone is always hard, but how about breaking up with someone only to realize you still need them to help you move cross-country? That’s exactly what you have to do in Detours.

In this game you’ll be playing as Daniella, someone who has to utterly rely on their ex – despite only breaking up with them a short while ago. Awkward, so very awkward. But who knows, maybe the two of them will find their way back together, or…maybe not? You’ll have to play and find out.

You can play Detours on Steam.

Source: Howling Moon Software
Verdant Skies

Everyone loves a good farming-life simulator, and Verdant Skies is just that…but in space. Indeed, you’ll not only be the talk of the town, but also the one who will have to ensure the success of the colony that you belong to. Hope you’ve got a green thumb!

Outside of farming and all that jazz, you’ll also have the chance to pursue NPCs for a bit of romance, and – more importantly – all of them are LGBTQ+ friendly with trans and non-binary options.

You can play Verdant Skies on Steam.

ValiDate: Struggling Singles in your Area

ValiDate: Struggling Singles in your Area from Veritable Joy Studios isn’t out just yet, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting excited about this all BIPOC cast – all of which are struggling singles.

Set in Jercy City, players have 13 protagonists and over 60 different routes to choose from. You’ll have a lot of choices to choose from, and regardless if you make the good, the bad, and the ugly choice, you’re going to have fun getting to know these characters.

ValiDate will release on Steam and in June 2022.

Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan
Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan

Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan might look too cartoonish, or perhaps too on the nose for your tastes. But let us reassure you by saying that if you’re looking for a game that’s just perfect for a younger audience, or just a game with a non-binary icon alongside a cast of LGBTQ+ friendly critters, you’re going to love Rainbow Billy.

Players need to take control of Billy as he and his trusty rod and ship sail on an adventure to restore colour to the world. It’s a non-violent game, where empathy, love and friendship make up the main plot.

Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan is available to play on Steam, and Nintendo Switch.


Now you’re probably wondering what CreatorCrate – a game where you play as a sentient home appliance that must escape a space station – has to do with trans indie games. But you’ve just got to trust us on this one.

Not only is the concept intriguing and the game fun, CreatorCrate is developed by a lone, trans female game developer called Jori Ryans. What better time to support trans game developers?

CreatorCrate is available to play on Steam.

Get in the Car Loser
Get in the Car, Loser!

Get in the Car, Loser from Christine Love is not only a great RPG, but a great lesbian RPG. Those things are very different, y’know? It’s also very inclusive, covering a range of different issues while also being fun and memorable!

Get in the Car, Loser! is described as being about “fighting for love and justice in the face of indifference” – something which can be difficult to do, but is also something that queer people have been doing throughout history.

Get in the Car, Loser! is available to play on Steam.

One Small Favour

Have you ever wanted to show your love for your girlfriend by surprising her with breakfast in bed, only for you to realize that you’re all out of bacon? Honestly, it’s something that’s more pressing than you think.

Developed by Nada Nova, One Small Favour is a short and sweet game that’ll take you just over 20 minutes to complete. It may be a small game, but it offers a cute storyline and endearing characters.

One Small Favour is available to play on

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