Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Japan’s top yuri manga artists gather to create the ultimate butch anthology

If you think that Japanese yuri manga is all about young adult, femme lesbians then you’d be entirely wrong, especially when 10 of Japan’s talented yuri manga artists have gathered together to Kickstart a butch x butch anthology.

The anthology – titled Boyish² – describes itself as “the ultimate butch x butch yuri manga anthology” where the women involved in the manga are not the typical feminine characters you’ll find in most other yuri manga. Instead they sport a more ‘butch’ look, with features you’d typically expect on more masculine characters such as short hair, and a ‘boyish’ look of shirts, ties, and blazers.

The Kickstarter for the project is to help translate the butch yuri anthology into English, making it widely available to fans outside of Japan.

“10 Japanese manga authors have come together and written approximately 220 pages of quality butch x butch yuri manga,” the Kickstarter’s page states. “We need your help bringing this special anthology to English speaking audiences!”

There are 10 different stories for you to read from, with two being about the romantic love between teenagers and the rest between adults. None of the stories involved in the anthology include sexual themes outside of the general kissing and hugging, and as you’ll probably have guessed, all stories will feature love between butch women.

The Kickstarter has already smashed its goal, but if you’re keen to get yourself a copy of Boyish² then you’ve still got time to reach into your pocket and pledge.

There are no stretch goals involved in this anthology, however any surplus funds raised will be “used for the artist’s production activities.”

To keep up to date with the yuri anthology – with its release date being hinted to be sometime around early 2022 – follow the project’s official Twitter account.

Aimee Hart

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