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EGX returns to Brum with EGX Birmingham

EGX, the UK’s largest games trade fair that hosts big names like Playstation, Microsoft and Nintendo, will be returning to Brum, aka Birmingham, in 2022.

The trade fair in London (simply titled EGX) finished on Sunday 10th, and despite the small numbers due to the coronavirus pandemic, was still a huge success. Now the next EGX event, EGX Birmingham, will be in March next year, something which we’re sure gamers of Brum are more than a little pleased about.

Originally EGX was only hosted in Birmingham, with EGX Rezzed – a trades fair that again brings big names like Playstation but also experimental indie devs and their games too – being hosted at Tobacco Dock in London. However in 2018, it was revealed that Birmingham’s NEC would no longer host EGX, and the event moved back to London alongside EGX Rezzed. This was a move that was helpful to London gamers sure, but left behind those in the middle and North of the UK.

This return to Birmingham was revealed via the trades fair’s official website, as well as on its Twitter.

The return to Birmingham is due to “Birmingham’s large, passionate gaming community” which has inspired EGX to make “the decision to return to the region in 2022 under a new name – EGX Birmingham.” This means that EGX Rezzed will be replaced.

But fear now, EGX Birmingham “will lean on expanding the Rezzed Zone, with all the beloved indie games that EGX Rezzed traditionally delivers”. The show will also just meet the need for AAA publishers to showcase their spring releases, as well. As usual, the trades fair will take place in the National Exhibition Center.

Speaking as a Birmingham publication, we’re very pleased that we’ll be able to go to the trades fair and see all of these amazing new games without having to spend so much. Now imagine if we could get a fourth event put somewhere in the North, like Scotland maybe…

EGX returns to Birmingham on March 3-5, 2022 – will you be there?

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