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Chucky TV series confirms child of Chucky is genderfluid

In the weirdest turn of events that we’ve had to write about lately, it turns out that the evil, psychotic killer doll known as Chucky is weirdly inclusive towards people who are different from the norm, including people who are genderfluid -like their child Glen/Glenda.

The revelation of Chucky and Tiffany’s child and their gender is revealed through the second episode of the Syfy TV series, Chucky. In this episode, Chucky looks through protagonist Jake’s diary while he is away, finding out that he has a crush on a classmate called Devon. Chucky being Chucky – a homicidal doll who is also a bit of a jackass – viewers might have suspected the doll to use that information against Jake to berate him.

But surprise, surprise, Chucky instead takes the opportunity to talk to Jake about his own experience with having a queer child.

“You have a kid?” Jake asks, to which Chucky replies that they are genderfluid and they are very much cool with it because, get this, they aren’t ‘a monster.’

The child in question is Glen/Glenda, introduced in the film Seed of Chucky. Throughout the film the topic of the gender of Chucky and Tiffany’s child is brought up again and again, with Chucky wanting Glen to be his son, and Tiffany wanting Glenda to be her daughter. This continues until Glen/Glenda gets annoyed with the both of them for not asking them what they’d like to be called.

“Sometimes I feel like a boy. Sometimes I feel like a girl.” Glen/Glenda tells their parents in the film. “Can I be both?”

Despite the slapstick and borderline offensive comedy featured in Seed of Chucky, the introduction of Glen/Glenda clearly meant a lot to some fans so the confirmation of them being genderfluid feels pretty neat. Even if that reveal comes from the mouth of a killer doll.

While some may feel as though the Chucky TV series being inclusive towards the LGBTQ+ community is out of place, let us remind everyone that the creator behind Chucky, Don Mancini, is a gay man himself and that Chucky, while a murderous doll, does have some lines he doesn’t cross.

Does this mean that Chucky is now super inclusive and it’s a win for representation? Not at all, but it’s something that we feel is a little cool to be included all the same.

You can watch the Chucky TV series over on Syfy.

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