Wednesday, May 22, 2024

A Quiet Place video game just got announced

Shh, did you hear that? That’s the sound of horrific cosmic entity coming to get you because you’ve just cheered at the news of A Quiet Place video game.

Indeed, it looks as though A Quiet Place, a horror film from Paramount Pictures and director John Krasinki, will be making its way into the wonderful world of video games, though not much information about the game has been revealed outside of it being worked on by Saber Interactive, iLLOGIKA, and EP1T0ME.

It’s still early days yet, so we assume that more information – if this game does indeed get confirmed to be an actual thing and we get to see some footage of what to expect – will be on the way sometime in the future. If the game is real, then a video game adaptation of a film like A Quiet Place is in good hands with Saber Interactive, the developer behind the World War Z video game and DLC.

Currently the game has its own Twitter account, which links to an official website where it is described as “a terrifying new video game” that challenges players to “experience an untold story of survival” within the A Quiet Place universe. It’s a short and not so sweet message, but it does give us hints that we’ll not be following the family that we’ve seen and rooted for in A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place II.

But what is the A Quiet Place universe in the first place? For those who don’t know, in this universe the people of the world have been all but wiped out thanks to creatures with super-sensitive hearing. Instead of a monster that goes bump in the night, one bump from you and a hateful creature will appear to bite your head off.

Sounds interesting but for now, until we hear more about the game, we think we’ll just remain quiet with the speculation.

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