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Power Rangers Dino Fury Green Ranger confirmed as LGBTQ+

Power Rangers Dino Fury may have not made history by introducing an episode that confirmed Green Ranger Izzy Garcia as LGBTQ+, but the series has definitely made a splash with queer fans of the community.

The series, Power Ranger Dino Fury, has been airing on Nickelodeon since February, 2021. Fans have speculated that Izzy Garcia, the Green Power Ranger that quickly shot to being a fan-favourite when she ripped the green skirt off her uniform, has been part of the LGBTQ+ community for a while now. But the show hadn’t ever confirmed it, apart from a few head nods and subtext.

However, now that’s changed thanks to Dino Fury’s most recent episode. In this episode, titled “The Matchmaker”, viewers watched with bated breath as Izzy came out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community by holding hands with another character, Fearne. The two imply that they’re going to go on a date, and walk off together whilst the other members of the Dino Fury squad watch on and talk about how cute they are together. We LOVE to see it!

After the episode aired, fans took to Twitter to thank Simon Bennett, the executive producer of Power Rangers Dino Fury, for bringing LGBTQ+ representation to Power Rangers for the very first time on the TV screen.

“This makes my heart happy. Thank you, @Pookina1 and the team, both on the production and at Hasbro for making this happen.” Melissa Flores, a fan, tweeted to Bennett. Her reaction was echoed by other fans who were overjoyed at how the episode handled Izzy Garcia’s queerness with love and respect.

Bennett responded to the overwhelming amount of love from fans by tweeting about his own reaction to the episode.

Power Rangers does have a history of LGBTQ+ characters, but they’ve always been in spin-off comics and films. Now that kids are able to see themselves in their favourite Nick show though, it’s all suddenly become that real for fans around the world.

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