Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Get fashionable guardians! Destiny 2 to receive its own fashion magazine

Well if you’d told us that Destiny 2 was actually a way for people to show off the latest fashion in this sci-fi world, we’d have been a little skeptical.

However, it doesn’t matter what we believe, because Bungie has recently announced that they’ll be releasing a magazine called Threads of Light. Bungie explained in a tweet that the magazine will be for “celebrating [the] community’s creativity and showcasing the best guardian fashion styles.”

Not much else is known about what Threads of Light will be outside of a fashion magazine. We still have no idea if it’ll be a monthly series, bi-weekly, etc, or if it’ll actually just be a one-off thing that we won’t see again after it’s released. We don’t even know if this fashion magazine will appear in Destiny 2 or not. There are so many questions and so few answers.

Fashion has always been a selling point for a few gamers out there, but the past few years have made it obvious that no matter who you are, video game fashion can appeal to you. Just look at retailers like Insert Coin, who recently teased they’ll be doing a clothes collaboration with Life is Strange: True Colors… The desire for stylish, video game clothes is there in real life, so why not apply that to games?

We’ll update this article with more news when it comes, but until then you can check out some real good Guardian fashion over on the subreddit r/DestinyFashion.