Friday, July 19, 2024

Rainbow Arcade + DIGIPRIDE Week 10: MermaidRoyal, PleasantlyTwstd & Xynto

Once again, we have teamed up with the wonderful Rainbow Arcade, an all-encompassing LGBTQIA+ Twitch team with a big focus on diversity, to host special weekly DIGIPRIDE streams!

This week we’re happy to welcome MermaidRoyal, PleasantlyTwstd & Xynto.

Here’s the details of their DIGIPRIDE streams:


Jude is a content creator, sailor guardian, and cat mom. She is a bisexual nonbinary femme (she/her & they/them) who plays mainly storybased and indie games. Her community, the Mermaid Kingdom, is based in empathy, compassion, and chaotic goodness.

She will be streaming this Saturday (7 August) and will be playing Dead By Daylight.

Check out her Twitch channel here.


PleasantlyTwstd is a black ace content creator focused on challenge runs, tryhard games, and RPGs. She makes content to promote a safe space for ALL marginalized peoples, with debauchery, tea, and wine, while raising money for charities such as Trevor Project, St. Jude, TWLOHA, and many more!

She will be streaming this Sunday (8 August) at 10am MST (9am PT, 12pm ET).

Check out her Twitch channel here.


Tony is a 31-year-old variety streamer. Mostly into JRPGs, you can find Tony playing a lot of Final Fantasy-based games, but he will occasionally drift into other kinds of games as well. He also loves food, board games, and running). Feel free to kick back, relax, and let the sillies out!

He will be streaming this Sunday (8 August) at 3pm ET (12pm PT, 8pm UK) and will be playing If Found.

Check out his Twitch channel here.

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