Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition gets gay romance mod

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition was always destined to do well, but according to EA the trilogy actually exceeded all of their expectations with how well it sold. The only thing that soured some folks was the lack of additional gay romance added to this iteration of Mass Effect – something which this mod plans to change.

Created by Nexus user Mentlegen3218, the More Gay Romances mod does exactly what it says on the tin: adds more gay romance to your Mass Effect: Legendary Edition game. It’s currently in beta at the moment, with Mentlegen focusing only on the gay romance for a Female Shepard with Miranda and Jack in Mass Effect 2. Their current plan is to add Miranda and Jack as options for a Female Shepard in Mass Effect 3, as well.

In a FAQ, Mentlegen explained that the current plan is to “add more characters” to this mod. They won’t say which characters exactly, as they don’t wish to overcommit themselves, especially as the main focus is to get Jack and Miranda’s romance running in the third game. They also mentioned that, as of now, they cannot commit to creating these mods in other languages outside of English.

The reason behind the creation of this mod is to seemingly create a more diverse and inclusive Mass Effect than the one we got. As explained in the mod’s introduction paragraphs, “many Mass Effect squadmates were intended to be romance options for both BroShep and FemShep.” However, at some point in development – which lines up with the story talk about Jack’s pansexuality being discarded, many of these romance options were restricted to either Male or Female Shepard.

To make this mod work, Mentlegen used cut and repurposed dialogue to deliver as much of an authentic experience of a gay romance for Miranda and Jack with Female Shepard. Animations, including facial animations, were also tweaked to help enhance players experience.

Currently, Mentlegen expects the Mass Effect 3 update of the Miranda and Jack gay romance mod to be done in either August or September. More romance options are on their agenda, but as any modder worth their salt would tell you, modding game files like this can be a long process.

You can download the More Gay Romances for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition here.

Aimee Hart

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