Friday, March 1, 2024
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Hellraiser is officially coming to Dead by Daylight

Hellraiser, a 1987 film starring an antagonist called Pinhead, is officially coming to Dead by Daylight.

Rumours about who would be appearing in the next Dead by Daylight chapter have been spiralling for a while now, with speculation from SAW’s newest film SPIRAL, to Candyman and even to Friday Night at Freddy’s Springtrap. But now we know for certain: the illustrious Pinhead is the newest Killer making his way to Dead by Daylight, no doubt pleasing fans that have wanted him in the asymmetrical horror game for a while now.

I’ll be honest, I know nothing about Pinhead here outside of him having a lovely hairstyle. But what I do know is that he’ll be known as The Cenobite in-game, and that his arrival will bring only him and not a survivor. The reason for this isn’t entirely known, but Dead by Daylight have done ‘paragraphs’ before, aka have only introduced a Killer by themselves such as The Cannibal/Leatherface and Ghost Face.

Hellraiser may not be as popular as Halloween or Silent Hill, but Pinhead is a welcome addition to Dead by Daylight all the same. And if you think so too, then you’re in luck! You can now officially play as Pinhead over on the game’s PTB, which you can learn more about here.

The small bio for Pinhead aka The Cenobite reads like so: “a summoning Killer, able to possess chain projectiles and use the Lament Configuration to torture every Survivor at once. His personal perks, Deadlock, Hex: Plaything, and Scourge Hook: Gift of Pain allow him to slow generator progress and continue to torment Survivors who have experienced his sweet suffering.” Sounds kinky, if ya ask me.

His arrival to Dead by Daylight makes the list of horror movie legends grow even further. But while Pinhead does certainly steal the show, the PTB also addresses an issue that fans have had with the game for a long time now: Pyramid Head’s flat ass. For some fans out there, that might be more important than Pinhead himself.

Check out the teaser trailer below for the Hellraiser chapter and if you have the game on PC, head on over to the Dead by Daylight PTB to have a go at the man (thing?) himself.

Aimee Hart

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