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LGBT Games on the Nintendo Switch

If there’s one thing that we’re asked often, it’s this: do you know what LGBT games are on the Nintendo Switch?

From our time sleuthing for all of the LGBT+ games coming out in 2021, we know that a lot of us have a hankering for Nintendo’s handheld console. Some of us even use it as our console of choice instead of using Sony and Microsoft’s consoles, or even a PC, and the Switch had an incredible number of sales from last year alone – no doubt helped by the arrival of Animal Crossing. No matter how you look at it, people love the Nintendo Switch and what it has on offer.

It also has a lot of games in its marketplace. Much like Steam and, indie games are a dime a dozen. They are very much in your face, and while that’s great, it means there’s a lot of Switch games to pick through. So, the list you see here? It is not complete at all, and not every game in here has positive LGBT+ representation, but like our other big features, will be updated as regularly as possible.

So, without further ado…


All of the LGBT Games on Nintendo Switch

To be continued!

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2 thoughts on “LGBT Games on the Nintendo Switch

  • Cool list! I hope you’ll keep this updated!
    The Red Strings Club could be added to the list.
    (I had totally forgotten about the gay characters in Vampyr – nice reminder!)
    There’s a lot more titles available according to the database at
    Unfortunately often not all platforms are included (specially Switch, as it’s often ported later and apparently the database’s listings don’t get updated). Also, not every game listed includes either positive or prominent lbgt+ representation.

  • Lists like this always leave out all (or almost all) of the Japanese games … like Fate/EXTELLA, which remains my favourite lesbian visual novel and action game.

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