Thursday, April 18, 2024

The Wanderer is a queer fairy tale audio drama that’ll excite fantasy fans

One of the things that I’ve always dreamed of having is a queer fairy tale story that can inspire hope and happiness within me. Well, now that fairy tale story is no longer just a fantasy thanks to The Wanderer, an audio-drama where the magical intertwines with real-life struggles.

But what is The Wanderer about? The 7-episodes audio drama follows a narrative inspired by the threat and danger the world is currently facing – and we don’t mean just physical illness, either. There’s also mental illness, isolation and how separation can affect not just us, but our relationships. Of course, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any happiness whatsoever. The Wanderer will tackle all of these hard issues, while simultaneously celebrating a queer romance story, and the exploration of personal identity.

The summary of what to expect from this queer fairy tale reads like so: The Wanderer has made a bargain with the Forest: wander the natural pathways of those ancient woods and he might just find his lost love, Andrew. Aided only by his wits and the magic of his guitar, The Wanderer must face the challenges the Forest and his mind put before him and get Andrew home safe.

The creator of the award-winning art history and museum experience podcast Accession T.H. Ponders is the writer and performer of The Wanderer. Ponders is also the writer behind the well-acclaimed sci-fi, audio comedy-drama about a restaurant, Mars’ Best Brisket. Which also has one hell of a catchy song, is deliciously funny and will most certainly have you craving brisket.

Ponders writes that the only thing they could write about in the Summer of 2020 was fairy tales, stories which where, despite the strength and perseverance of magic, people couldn’t be kept apart forever. For them, “The Wanderer is a reflection on being separated from my partner, and the little pieces of magic I need to hold onto in order to get back to them.”

The Wanderer currently has three episodes, with the next episode Chapter 4 – The Ghost scheduled to release on June 28th, 2021.

Aimee Hart

[She/They] Aimee Hart specializes in queer fandom, video games and tabletop, having started her career writing for numerous websites like The Verge, Polygon, Input Magazine and more. Her goal now is to boost LGBTQ+ voices in the video games industry.