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Palia is a cosy MMO game reminiscent of Stardew Valley and comes with queer romance

Let’s be honest with one another: the MMO (massively multiplayer online) Palia had us the moment it reminded us of Stardew Valley with its cosy gameplay, and the possibility of queer romance now didn’t it? That’s not even mentioning the cute, comfortable aesthetic that reminds us of the game My Time at Portia.

Made up of ex-Riot developers, Singularity 6 revealed Palia yesterday via IGN, and it looks wonderful. Some people will see the genre MMO and take off to the hills, but Palia isn’t just a game that relies on combat for fun, but a community that wants to actively build a brand new life together and yes, that means the queer community too!

In Palia players will be able to customize their character, farm for resources in its big world, use them to build their home and decorate it, and hang out with friends. You can check out the official announcement trailer, below.

As you can tell, Palia is a high-fantasy game but unlike texts like Lord of the Rings or Dragon Age, humans are considered to be the mystical beings in this world due to their disappearance a long time ago. All players will play as a human that’s just woken up in this land, and as such, will have to uncover and find their place in a world full of whimsical, but enthralling mystery.

Via IGN, we know that Palia will include a lot of the features that made games like Animal Crossing so enjoyable: cool and fun NPCs, bug-catching, hunting and more. And with it being so community-based, players will get the chance to work together to do all of these creative activities.

Of course, being who we are, we’re excited to hear that Palia will be an MMO and include queer romances; something which isn’t common for players to actively participate – within this genre, anyway. As of yet, we don’t know much more about these romances apart from that the characters you will be able to smooch won’t care about your gender, aka the playersexual route.

Palia will be initially launching on PC, but may come to other platforms depending on both time and resources. The pre-alpha for the game is set to come later this Summer.

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