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KeyWe: New playable demo for adorable mailroom bird game

KeyWe is a cute, co-operative postal puzzler starring Jeff and Debra, two small kiwi birds working in a whimsical post office. They must jump, flap, peck and butt-slam their way across an interactive landscape of levers, bells and buttons to get those messages delivered on time!

Now, as part of Steam Next Fest, the company behind KeyWe, Sold Out Games, have released a brand-new playable demo which features two main levels and one overtime shift from the full version of the game.

Start by typing up messages to the members of Bungalow Basin on the Telegraph Desk (get ready for those adorable kiwi butt-slams!) then head on down to the shipping floor to help direct important packages to the right destination. When you’re done performing your daily postal duties, head on over to the cassowary pen out back for a bit of overtime work feeding our hungry mail carriers. Watch out, the cassowaries have been known to be a little moody if they don’t get their lunch on time. 

The playable demo is available in both single-player and local and online co-op mode and is designed to give you a little taste of what’s to come. Expect more exciting mechanics, seasonal hazards and mailroom mayhem in the full version of the game, coming to PC and consoles on August 31st 2021!

If you liked the playable demo, don’t forget to wishlist KeyWe on Steam.

Here’s some useful instructions to getting started with the new KeyWe demo:

Please note that the content in this game may not reflect the final version of KeyWe and any features or mechanics you see here may be subject to change before the game’s official launch on August 31st.

Getting Started:

You’ll be taken through a quick demo tutorial on the game before you can play in either single-player or online co-op mode.

IMPORTANT: There is no way to connect to online co-op until after you’ve completed the demo tutorial. If you are going to be playing online co-op, we recommend just completing the tutorial in single-player mode to save time. 

Online Co-Op:

To connect with another player in online co-op mode, please complete the tutorial, wait for the main menu to load, then follow these steps.

  1. Select “Online” in the main KeyWe menu.
  2. One player will need to host the game by selecting “Create Room”.
  3. The other player will need to enter the room key using their keyboard.
  4. You will get a notification in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen telling you what the other player is doing once they’re in the room.
  5. Select back to return to the main menu.
  6. Select “Play” and choose a level, which will start for both of you.


Players who have played previous KeyWe demos may need to delete old data from their PC as this may negatively interact with the newest KeyWe build. To delete your save data…

  1. If KeyWe is running, close the application.
  2. Open your PC’s file explorer and navigate to your C drive (this is usually under “This PC” or “My PC).
  3. Open the C drive and click on the “Users” folder.
  4. Open the folder labelled with your username.
  5. Open the “AppData” folder.
  6. Open the “LocalLow” folder.
  7. Open the “Stonewheat_Sons” folder and delete all the files and folders located here.
  8. Re-launch the KeyWe application and play as usual.

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