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iam8bit reveals a stunning Tell Me Why vinyl soundtrack

Tell Me Why was a monumental game for a lot of people around the world, particularly trans gamers who found themselves relating strongly to one of the protagonists, Tyler Ronan. Now you can experience that feeling all over again with iam8bit revealing an absolutely stunning Tell Me Why vinyl soundtrack, composed by Ryan Lott.

In collaboration with both DONTNOD Entertainment and Xbox Game Studios Publishing, iam8bit will be bringing the soundtrack of the episodic game to life with a beautiful quilt-themed cover art that faithfully recreates the in-game Book of Goblins. The creator behind this lovely piece is fiber artist Theo Randall, who has used quilting, linotype stamping and applique techniques to create a sleeve that compliments the game’s vinyl soundtrack and is recognizable to fans of Tell Me Why.

Tell Me Why released back in August 2020 and follows the story of duo protagonists Alyson and Tyler Ronan as they return to their hometown in rural Alaska and unveil the truth behind the death of their mother. Players will explore the twins past, their connection to one another and figure out just what the future will hold for both of them, depending on the choice they make.

The game has won several awards for its authentic representation of Tyler Ronan, including our very own Gayming Awards 2021 where it won for Best LGBTQ Character, as well as Authentic Representation. It has also won awards for categories such as Games for Impact at The Game Awards and Best Microsoft Xbox Game at the Best of Gamescom Awards.

We’re super stoked to see Tell Me Why get a new breath of life with this vinyl soundtrack, and what makes it even better is that the soundtrack isn’t too far away. It’ll be released sometime during Q1 2022, though pre-orders for the $39.99 album are live today on You should also be aware that, because it’s Pride Month, you can choose to donate a dollar or round up their total at checkout to the nearest dollar in support of Trans Lifeline and The Trevor Project.

Aimee Hart

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