Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Dragon Age 4 alpha file found on the PlayStation Store

It’s no joke that fans of Dragon Age have been chomping at the bit to try and either find out more about the game, or at least get a solid release date from BioWare. Well, maybe fans will get an answer sooner rather than later if the Dragon Age 4 alpha file found on the PlayStation Store is any indication for what comes next.

Discovered via an account called PlayStation Game Size on Twitter – and first reported on by GamesRadar – this tweet alleges that the Dragon Age 4 alpha file will be releasing sometime in July on the PlayStation Store. Now this doesn’t mean that the game will be added to the PlayStation Store’s database to be viewable by gamers, but it does imply (according to the Twitter account in question) that a test version of the game will be coming.

If there’s one thing we can possibly take from this alpha file being present however, it is a strong indication that Dragon Age 4 may appear at the EA Play Showcase set to air later next month, July 22nd. With that in mind, should we expect some actual gameplay instead of the teasers that have been shown? We certainly hope so!

That being said, we still aren’t expecting all that much either. As more and more information about development on Dragon Age 4 has come out, the picture painted hasn’t always been a good one. After all, the original Dragon Age 4’s cancellation in 2017 was quite the blow and not just to developer’s morale, either.

That said, things have (seemingly) been looking up for BioWare. Past insistence of the new Dragon Age having live service features have reportedly been ditched, and new talent seems to be thriving there, too. Only time will tell if BioWare manages to pull it off or not.

The EA Play Showcase on July 22nd starts at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET/6 p.m. BST. Let’s hope we see some Dragon Age 4 goodness there!