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Queer game Spirit Swap smashes its Kickstarter goal

If you haven’t heard about Spirit Swap: LoFi Beats to Match 3-To then you’re going to be learning about it today, gaymers, because it just absolutely smashed its Kickstarter goal, as well as its additional stretch goals!

Spirit Swap won our hearts immediately when we first covered the action-puzzle game. You play as a protagonist called Samar, a young witch who makes the lives around her instantly brighten with her presence. They also works alongside her FamiliarZ on the night shift, swapping spirits to help keep the chill atmosphere, and that’s not even mentioning the pizza party and all their hot friends that they can romance.

Inspired by Panel de Pon, Spirit Swap is an exciting game that’s Kickstarter shares so much interesting, pivotal information about what makes it special. For one it’s developed by a team that is queer, Black and/or POC – and that goes for the characters in Spirit Swap too. To quote the Kickstarter itself, “it’s well past time we see ourselves experiencing happiness in media. This is a slice-of-life story for players needing a relaxing experience!”

We’re pumped that this game is officially happening and allowing more than white queer stories to be told in the way that creators choose to. It’s even better for Spirit Swap too, because they not only met one of their stretch goal, but three of them!

The three stretch goals met are:

  • Fashion – Players will be able to mix and match Samar’s outfits, and there will be more outfits in general.
  • Romance – There was always going to be romance in Spirit Swap, only now romance will have a Hades-like narrative, with even more romance options.
  • Voice Acting – Professional voice acting will now be available for all characters

That is a lot to be excited for, and if you’re eager to keep up to date with Spirit Swap then we suggest checking out their official website, as well as their Kickstarter for the foreseeable future.

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