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New Lady Dimitrescu casual mod gives off big Wine Mom energy

Lady Dimitrescu has absolutely ensnared our hearts in the best of ways, quickly becoming a fan-favourite the moment she was revealed. While her assets are indeed something to admire, this new Lady Dimitrescu casual mod just proves that it doesn’t matter what Lady D is wearing for the gays, we’re too busy lusting over her huge personality. Right? Right.

Created by xZombieAlix, a Dead by Daylight/Resident Evil modder, this casual clothes mod for Lady Dimitrescu gives off the biggest Wine Mom energy that we’ve ever seen. And it makes sense considering that she does have a penchant for sucking your blood, and even using it to create some refreshing, invigorating wine to share with her daughters too – what a lovely mother!

xZombieAlix has been known to create some of the most compelling mods, including cosmetic mods for survivors in Dead by Daylight, as well as changing Mr X to the very naughty Goose from the Untitled Goose Game in the Resident Evil 2 Remake. With all this in mind, the casual Lady Dimitrescu mod seems tame in comparison. That of course does not mean we want to challenge anyone reading this to suddenly make a leather and whip mod for the dear Lady. No, of course not.

Anyway. It isn’t the first mod that’s changed Lady Dimitrescu’s appearance, with xZombieAlix first having created a mod to make everyone’s favourite Resident Evil 8 character look a little more… X-y. That’s right, a mod that turns Lady Dimitrescu into Mr X with a few simple texture swaps. It looks pretty interesting, and it certainly addresses the issue that some people had with the tall lady – she just wasn’t scary enough!

Are there any other Resident Evil 8 mods that we’ve missed that we should be on the lookout for? Let us know in the comments.

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