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BanG Dream – involving gay legend Kaoru Seta – is coming to Switch in September

When I’d first got into BanG Dream, an all-girls band rhythm game that quite literally took over my life for a few years, I always joked with friends that the day it came to the Nintendo Switch would be the day I’d eat my hat in joy.

Well now that day has come, and in September I will have no choice but to eat my hat while playing BanG Dream on the Nintendo Switch. A happy, if somewhat stomach-curling moment, for us all.

The news of BanG Dream Girls Band Party (its full title) coming to Nintendo Switch was broken via 4Gamer, which was helpfully translated via Siliconera. According to them, the Switch version of the popular game was first announced in February during the 6th-anniversary stream, and has now officially been announced for a September release.

The price tag for the game will be 7,678 yen (around about $70.55) in Japan, and if a physical edition is brought then players will receive a special bonus poster specifically created for the Switch title.

There is also an official website page for the Switch game, which doesn’t really provide too much information on what we can expect from the game. Will it be an exact port of the mobile title, or will it be implemented in such a way that will be easier for Switch players? As of now, we don’t know too much – not even if the game is coming to Switch outside of Japan, either.

BanG Dream Girls Band Party was first released in Japan in 2017, with a worldwide release following a year later. It follows the journey of a group of all-girl bands, and has a very large following of queer fans due to the implied homosexual characters Kaoru Seta, and Arisa Ichigaya. No matter who you are, you’ll find some way to relate to these band members.

BanG Dream Girls Band Party is set to release on the Nintendo Switch (Japan) on September 16th, 2021.

Aimee Hart

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