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Show off your pride with these Pride Flag mods in Stardew Valley

Pride isn’t just for a couple of months, it’s forever! Particularly if you decide that your village life in Stardew Valley just isn’t gay enough, after all, what’s the harm in adding a Pride Flag that suits you into your virtual life?

Stardew Valley, a farming simulator that feels very much like a slice of life anime with your kooky neighbours, farm life, and finding out the love of your life – depending on which romance option you choose – eats rocks for dinner, has a variety of cool mods. Some of these mods are downright creepy, others add more options for dialogue to the game, and there are some that are just purely cosmetic.

LGBTQ Pride Flags for Custom Furniture, a Stardew Valley mod from user eorrl falls more on the latter side of things.

Stardew Valley is very popular among LGBT gamers due to its bewitching soundtrack, the option of falling in love with whoever you want, and it constantly having something for players to do. It also helps that the game gets updated at few times a year, whether that be adding more heart events for you and your spouse, or the addition of brand new places to explore. It’s got something for everyone.

That goes triple for those who play Stardew Valley on PC, and so with the inclusion of different pride flags, with a flag for everyone, we’re stoked to see more inclusive options being added by the community.

The LGBTQ Pride Flags for Custom Furniture mod adds different LGBTQ+ pride flags to Robin’s shop and to the Furniture Catalogue. There are 12 flags overall: the Philadelphia rainbow pride flag, transgender, bisexual, pansexual, lesbian, gay men, genderqueer, non-binary, asexual, polyamory and aromantic pride, as well as the “original rainbow pride flag from 1978.”

To take full advantage of this mod, you will first need the mods Custom Furniture – which lets you add your very own furniture to Robin’s shop and the Furniture Catalogue – and PyTK, both by the modder Platonymous.

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