Thursday, May 30, 2024

Oh my god you guys! A Legally Blonde video game is on the way

Legally Blonde, aka the gay awakening for myself and many others out there who either wanted to kiss Reese Witherspoon or be her, is getting its very own game. Oh my goooood, you guys! We’ve really won the prize, this time.

Thanks to VG24/7, we know that Australian-based Playside Studios will be teaming up with Metro Goldwyn Mayer to develop a Legally Blonde mobile game. Sorry everyone, we too wanted a Legally Blonde comedy, musical video game experience, with 60fps on the PS5, but it just doesn’t seem to be in the cards at the moment.

The game will combine puzzles with making choices that’ll affect the narrative – meaning that you’ll be able to convey your very own Legally Blonde story. All the while, players will still see and experience the “empowering themes and positive messages” that are within the Legally Blonde series.

Executive Vice President of MGM Global Consumer Products & Experiences, Robert Marick seemed delighted with the collaboration with Playside Studios, stating that he was “thrilled” to bring “these trailblazing films to mobile devices, and offer consumers a new way to interact with one of our most cherished characters, Elle Woods.”

There’s something incredibly inspiring about Legally Blonde and it still plays a major part in people’s lives – especially young women. With it being just 20 years since the movie first came out, the chance for newcomers to experience a film that they may not have even heard of before may give a new lease of life to the Legally Blonde franchise.

Of course, if the mobile game isn’t for you then you still don’t have to wait too long for a chance to get some more Legally Blonde in your life. Legally Blonde 3 will be making its way back into our lives sometime in 2022.

A release date for the game has not yet been confirmed, but we know it will be free-to-play on both Android and iOS.

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