Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Apex Legends Writers Confirm Fuse Is Pansexual

For a game that’s mostly about shooting one another, Apex Legends has prided itself on including characters of all shapes, sizes, gender and sexualities. So the news that the Legend coming to the Apex Games, Fuse, is actually pansexual has been met with joy isn’t all that shocking. After all, the LGBTQ+ community is always after representation, particularly in video games.

Fuse was confirmed as pansexual after a fan asked for clarification about a line that’s included in his bio. It states “Ladies’ man, man’s man, and all-round manly man, Fuse is a one man wrecking crew… and he knows it.” Obviously, it looks as though Fuse swings both ways, but Scott Gill, a writer for Respawn has clarified that isn’t quite the case.

Instead of bisexual, Fuse is pansexual – which isn’t just ‘bisexual but with extra steps.’ If you’re interested in finding out the difference, we recommend you do your own research, or use this handy dandy article from Healthline.

Fuse isn’t the first LGBTQ character in the Outlands though, you’ve also got our favourite gay tank, Gibraltar, the mysterious and bisexual Loba, non-binary legend Bloodhound, and even Mirage isn’t quite sure where he stands in regards to his sexuality. Poor fella, we’ve all been there.

Still, we wouldn’t go out of our way to applaud Respawn just yet. While it is commendable they’ve included Fuse as pansexual in Apex Legends, we’d like more than just a mention of it in the bio. While sexuality does not encompass everything of a character, we’ve learned from how Blizzard handled Soldier 76 in Overwatch that companies can easily use news like this for monetary purposes. Whether that’s the case with Fuse, however, remains to be seen.

With that out of the way, Fuse was confirmed as a new character back in mid-January and is set to join the roster tomorrow, February 2nd alongside Season 8.

Aimee Hart

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