Friday, March 1, 2024
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Ubisoft Is Working on a New Star Wars Project

Ubisoft Massive will be taking the reins on a new Star Wars project, one that in all honesty, we hope doesn’t force us to have to play yet another boring, human guy. Seriously.

The news of this project from Ubisoft comes from Wired, who has revealed that the development of the game is still in the very early stages. The still actively looking for new recruits sort of stage, to be exact. So we won’t be seeing the game anytime soon – at least, not the complete version.

Ubisoft handling this new Star Wars project, however, is something that has caught us by surprise. After all, it’d be the very first game in 8 years that a Star Wars game has been produced by a company that isn’t EA. It’d mean the exclusivity that came with making Star Wars games had been booted out of the window, that’s for sure.

What can we expect from this project? Details are slim, but Wired have stated that “Julian Gerighty, director of The Division 2 and The Crew” will take the helm as the game’s creative director. The publication also mentioned that the game would make use of Massive’s Snowdrop Engine – the engine behind games like Starlink: Battle for Atlas and, of course, both The Divison and The Division 2.

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Aimee Hart

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