Friday, July 19, 2024

Team Rocket’s Cliff can steal whatever he wants from me

Gameophilia is defined as the sexual attraction to video game characters. While I don’t fantasize about relationships or romps with digital people, I can admit when a character model is easy on the eyes.

I haven’t booted up Pokémon Go in a long time. I love the series so much and the ability to play it whenever I want on my cell phone became nothing short of an addiction. Too much wasted time and gas, too many hours spent standing in the cold, and too much frustration when capturing pocket monsters didn’t go according to plan.

Recently, I reinstalled the game and was pleasantly surprised to see that a lot has changed. Now, you can battle Team Rocket and other players whenever you want. Two new generations of Pokémon have been added to the Pokedex. More free stuff drop locations have appeared on the map. These new additions, among other things, have helped me gain interest in the game again.

Oh, and then there’s Team Rocket’s Cliff. One of the leaders in the insidious organization, Cliff originally specialized in rock-type Pokémon but has since included electric, water, dragon and fighting types. And did I forget to mention that he’s pretty damn attractive?

Cliff definitely is classifiable as a dilf, and because of that he can steal whatever he wants from me while on my Pokémon journey. I ran into him this morning while playing in bed, and I cannot wait until I run into him again.

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