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Gayming Awards 2021: Authentic Representation Nominees

The Gayming Awards is set to broadcast worldwide on Twitch at on February 24th 2021, at 8pm GMT (3pm ET, 12pm PT). With the award show we’ll show off so many amazing categories, including Gayming Awards 2021: Authentic Representation, sponsored by Green Man Gaming.

For Gayming Awards 2021: Authentic Representation, sponsored by Green Man Gaming, we look at games that truly ‘feel’ authentic to the real-life joys and troubles that we, as a community, as well as individually, go through. We don’t want something cheap, something that’s tacked on so games can get ‘brownie points’. Real, authentic storytelling is what we’re all about.

Check out the games that we’ll be seeing during the Gayming Awards 2021, and what our judges had to say about them!

Horniest Games 2020


Hades stands out as authentic representation because with its character relationships, sexuality isn’t a label or limiter. Everyone is dead (or rules over the dead), after all, and societal norms no longer matter. Characters that are gay simply exist, their stories not being told from an angle from their sexuality, but from just being human. Zag himself is bi, and can be in a polyamorous relationship, should you so choose. There’s even an aromantic character!”

“The game treats sexuality with an air is subtlety – a realism that transcends narrative interpretation and errs into regarded fact. A bisexual protagonist that not only can engage in healthy, poly relationships – but healthy platonic friendships too is exactly the kind of queer representation we need.”

Later Daters

“It’s a great LGBT+ game that puts the older generation as its main focus – showing that yes, older LGBT+ folks exist and they still have the same desires as they did when they were younger.”

Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why

“The main character is a playable transgender character in a major game. Dotnod worked with GLAAD in creating him, and he was played by a trans man in the game. The game also focuses on the character rather than just him simply being trans.”

“I’m specifically nominating this for representation rather than narrative as I actually think the story as a whole isn’t great. But I do think Don’t Nod’s game should be recognized given the clear work that has gone into research, consultation and respectful treatment of trans subject matter.”

“Ollie is an excellent depiction of a trans character and the game explores the experience of being trans in a mature and authentic way, providing insight in a rare self-conscious manner.”

The Last of Us

The Last of Us Part II

“The game features an array of LGBT characters include a lesbian lead character, and bisexual secondary character and a young trans character. What’s more these people are just portrayed and people within the world they find themselves in, all trying to be their authentic selves whilst surviving.”

“Ellie represents so much for gaming in general and Naughty Dog got so much right with her. We’ve seen her story build on from the first game, through the DLC until now. We see her queerness as such a normalised part of her character, not something tacked on for the sake of it. She gets to be messy and flawed and that’s okay.”


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