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Could Dead by Daylight Be Coming to VR?

Dead by Daylight has been making waves since it was first released, coming to Switch, consoles, and now potentially coming to VR, too. So now you’ll get the opportunity to get flashlight blinded in reality, rather than just in-game. Wonderful!

The rumour of Dead by Daylight coming to VR comes from the subreddit LeaksDBD – a place dedicated to revealing new bits and pieces of content and information that will come to the asymmetrical horror game in the future. They have successfully – and correctly – revealed both survivors and killers before they’ve been added to the game, including killers The Blight and The Twins. Still, as with all rumours, don’t take this as a definite thing just yet.

“There’s new code concerning VR support in Dead by Daylight,” is what the tweet concerning VR states. What VR support could mean varies, but it does open up a list of questions. Does this mean Dead by Daylight will get a separate, VR version of the game, or will it be an added feature just for the PC version? So many questions, very few answers.

We say just for PC versions of the game because these are the supposed devices that will support Dead by Daylight in virtual reality:

  • Daydream
  • Vive
  • OculusGo + OculusTouch
  • Mixed Reality
  • ValveIndex
  • Magic Leap

There’s no mention of the PSVR or Oculus Quest or Rift, which is a little surprising. But considering we don’t have the full details just yet, it wouldn’t shock us if both devices will be added later on.

That is, if Dead by Daylight is even making the leap towards virtual reality. Until we know more, this still remains as just a rumour.

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