Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Piggy’s invisibility is fading and only YOU can save her

Cute animal? Check. Easy to download? Check. Time waster? Check.

Bootchec LLC has released Piggy Button to Android and iOS. The puzzle game with merge and blast elements is begging you to save the adorable farm animal before she becomes sausage! Collect all of her items before time runs out!

Piggy Button’s magic medallion is fading – and it’s her key source of invisibility. I don’t know why a pig would need invisibility, but I think we all just audibly gasped at this plot twist. The only way to boost the medallion’s power is to harvest colorful buttons. Without her cloak of secrecy, you need to aid her in this task.

Game-play features include an original story, merge, charge and collect elements, dozens of challenges and the ability to unlock exciting boosters.

Play Piggy Button on Android and iOS today.

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