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Could Jessie Reappear In FF7R Part 2?

Believe it or not, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R) came out this year and took the gaming world by storm. It’s ending was controversial, yet hopeful, and it still causes mass debate even several months later. That said, FF7R was also a great game for reintroducing old characters in a way they hadn’t in the original – such as Avalanche’s Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge.

Players will know that FF7R made a few changes that the original didn’t have. For example, Biggs survived the collapse of Sector 7’s plate, and Jessie and Wedge’s ends aren’t all that clear either. Wedge was saved by Tifa and Aerith, and Jessie’s gloves were seen on Bigg’s bedside table, but her body wasn’t ever seen. What does this mean? We still aren’t sure.

However, co-director Motomu Toriyama made an interesting comment about Jessie in the FF7R Material Ultimania book, helpfully translated by Twitter user aitaikimochi.

To sum it up, Toriyama wants to see Jessie on the stage as an actress of the Gold Saucer. It was her dream, and you can see a picture of Jessie at the Gold Saucer in her house. Toriyama’s comment could just be wishful thinking and mean nothing at all, but that shouldn’t stop us from looking at the possibilities…

FF7R Part 2 is still being worked on, and we don’t truly know much more than that, but if we were to speculate on Jessie’s role then perhaps we’ll see her at The Gold Saucer as an actress? After all, we have no clue if we’re in an alternative universe or not, now. Maybe she’ll have amnesia from getting injured by Sector 7’s plate and not remember the group? Maybe she’ll never have met the group in the first place? There are so many different routes FF7R Part 2 could go with Jessie.

All we can say is we hope to see more of her in FF7’s future!

Aimee Hart

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