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Safe In Our World Launches First Games Bundle to Celebrate One Year Anniversary

Safe in Our World, a video game mental health charity, proudly celebrates it’s first anniversary with its very first charity bundle. The bundle is dedicated to providing free Mental Health CBT courses for games industry professionals and gamers around the world – something that, especially during these harrowing times, we could all do with.

To make the anniversary official, the Safe in Our World 1st Anniversary Charity Game Bundle provides gamers with seven amazing games that each share a unique, and relatable message about mental health.

These games are:

  • AVICII Invector by Tim Bergling aka AVICII / Hello There Games
  • Dear Esther: Landmark Edition by The Chinese Room / Curve Digital
  • Fractured Minds by Emily Mitchell
  • GRIS by Nomada Studio / Devolver Digital
  • Meadow by Might and Delight
  • RiME by Tequila Works / Six Foot
  • The Town of Light by LKA / Luca Dalco

There are only 10,000 set of keys for this bundle, and let’s face it, for just $4.99? This bundle is going to go like hot-cakes, and for a very important cause. Now, more than ever, do we need to support each other by pulling together.

Created back in 2019, the Safe in Our World organization has become fully operational in less than 12 months, and has even launched a COVID-19 hub –  a global resource set up at the beginning of the pandemic to help gamers and industry folk with information, tips, articles and resources.

“2020 has been such a trying year for us all, but we are so proud and thankful for the impact Safe In Our World has been able to make in our industry so far,” said Leo Zullo, Safe In Our World Chairperson. “We now look to 2021, expanding our team and opportunities, as well as further increasing awareness, access and positivity towards mental health and mental health facilities in the games industry. Our message remains the same; it’s ok to not be ok. We have a duty of care to our gamers and our people and we implore the whole industry to unite and ensure this is considered at all times.”

You can purchase the bundle for yourself over at Fanatical. Consider doing so – it’s all there to make our world safer, and kinder, than ever.

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