Saturday, April 13, 2024
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PS5 Trophies Will Unlock Digital Rewards

For the players out there that have never really been all that concerned about trophies when it comes to their PlayStation – you may start to reconsider. Because PS5 trophies? They can unlock the coolest things – making them far more valuable than they’ve been in the past.

This news comes from MP1st, who noticed that, during the reveal of the PS5’s UI, that certain trophies do come tied to rewards like profile images, banners, and other non-cosmetic digital rewards. For example, in Destruction All-Stars you’re able to see that earning the trophies ‘Rookie’ and ‘Wreckognised’ rewards you a profile banner and avatar.

The addition of trophies is definitely welcomed as, outside of the bragging rights, there was no real reason to get trophies with previous consoles outside of trophy hunting. With these new changes to the PS5, it adds an incentive to actually try hard when you’re gaming.

But try not to get too excited. There has been no real indication that every game coming to the PS5 will include digital rewards. After all, it does add extra work to developers and publishers. It would be a nice treat, but ultimately we have no choice but to wait and see what the PS5 – and its new games – bring to the table at release.

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