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Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020 starts tomorrow

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020 officially starts tomorrow, thus kicking off the holiday in a way that only gamers can understand: by beating the ever-loving crud out of Dr. Junkenstein and his villainous, pig-headed monster.

Like previous years, the Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020 event will include new cosmetics, such as skins, sprays and animations. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of added game modes, however, but considering that Overwatch 2 is set to come out sometime in the future, we’re not at all surprised by this.

New skins look to be coming to Sombra, Echo, D.VA, Winston and Reinhardt, who are all looking fabulously spooky below.

Jack-O-Lantern’s as lootboxes will also be making a return, giving you the chance to get some of the new skins for yourself. You’ll also be able to earn skins by taking part in the three weeks of challenges, which can be done by winning rounds of quick play, as well as modes like 3v3 and Deathmatch.

Other skins from the past will also be up for grabs, but you can also purchase them (for a lesser price) with the use of coins.

Are you looking forward to the Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020 event? Let us know in the comments below!

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